Experiential Learning & Personal Growth: This involves exploring new ways to approach your life, look at who you are and how you operate in the world, explore and experiment and learn new skills or strengthen old ones eg. assertiveness, decision making and planning to reach the goals you would like to attain.


This 10 week course offers an opportunity to look at your life and how you live it, a chance to experiment with change and create a more fulfilling life if you are not happy with the way things are.

Why is it called Samurai?

Samurai Warriors in Ancient Japan lived by a code called Bushido. This code encouraged them to shape their lives according to eight moral values: Righteousness, Benevolence, Courage, Respect, Sincerity, Honour, Loyalty and Self-Control.

This course invites you to do the same by increasing your awareness of how you approach your life and, if you already live by those virtues, how you can do so even more effectively.

Voice Classes

These classes explore the use of voice physically (effective breathing and vocal sound – both speaking and singing) and how it feels to use voice as a communication tool to express the truth of who you are in the world.